Strengthen the Heart of the Community

  • Continue to develop the Brazos River Corridor all the way to I-35
    This does not mean to limit development only as far as the Interstate but to push forward with deliberate speed. Included in such development would be improving the Convention Center and encouraging hotels for meetings.
  • Support inner-city residential and commercial development on both sides of the river
    Not only should the vibrancy of activity be stretched further along the river, but it should extend out away from the river, spreading far beyond Martin Luther King Boulevard and University Parks Drive.
  • Protect and develop infrastructure, e.g., transportation and water rights
    Development in the heart of the community depends on investments in infrastructure such as the low water dam that will stabilize the level of Lake Brazos, the riverwalk, new and improved streets, and an abundant, clean drinking water supply.
  • Celebrate the virtual “heart” exemplified through image, pride, and values
    The community is characterized by many positive qualities and accomplishments that should be highlighted and promoted locally and outside the area.

Many Voices. One Vision.