Increase Economic Opportunities

  • Create, grow, and attract businesses and jobs to retain our
    educated workforce and accommodate returning talent
    People want good jobs for themselves and for their children. If their children leave, they want their kids to be able to return and find good jobs. One way to increase opportunities is to encourage entrepreneurship and small businesses.
  • Increase average incomes
    One of the most important ways to make local jobs more attractive is to increase compensation.
  • Increase the overall level of education in McLennan County
    Having a well-educated population makes it easier to attract good jobs. Conversely, students who drop out from school have limited financial prospects.
  • Develop an understanding that the entire community shares
    responsibility for educating every citizen
    Tutoring and encouraging students to succeed in school, keeping them engaged in learning, helping them see the relevance of educational attainment, and providing co-ops for exposure to the workplace are just a few of the ways the general public can be involved in increasing the level of education for local students.

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