Enhance Life Outside the Workplace

  • Ensure access to high quality health care now and in the future
    The community is fortunate to have two local nonprofit hospitals and many specialists; however, a growing uninsured population means many do not have access to the health care they need and unreimbursed care threatens the financial well-being of medical providers.
  • Host, package, and market outdoor recreational sporting events
    With fabulous sports facilities, Cameron Park, Lake Brazos and Lake Waco, and numerous golf courses, the community is well-equipped to be a top destination for outdoor events.
  • Encourage diverse entertainment options, preferably on or near the river
    Increasing the amount and types of entertainment will make the community more attractive to young adults. Putting live music and other recreational diversions near the river builds on the investment to create a dining and entertainment district that will draw locals and visitors alike.
  • Continue to support abundant cultural opportunities
    The community is rich in cultural resources, such as museums and live theater. Again, these resources enhance life for local residents and also cause guests to visit the area. Designation of the Mammoth site as a National Park would have huge implications for the community.
  • Enhance all transportation infrastructure to assure access to and within the community
    Major vehicular arteries must make it convenient for persons to go from the highway to the heart of the city and other parts of the community. Other transportation options should be plentiful. Once in the community, streets should be easy to navigate, and public transportation should provide a good alternative to private vehicles.


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